Conceptualization and assessment of different manifestations of complex psychotrauma

Dr. Manon Boeschoten1, Dr. Jackie June Ter Heide1, Dr. Lonneke Lenferink2, Dr. Simone De la Rie1, Dr. Simon Groen3
1ARQ Centrum'45
2University of Twente
3De Evenaar, Centrum voor Transculturele Psychiatrie, GGZ Drenthe




Assigned to session

1.05 Anton Philips, 28-09-2023, 13:30 - 14:45


Refugee or war & conflict related traumatic stress
Screening, assessment & diagnosis
Complex PTSD, comorbidities, grief
Child & adolescent


The psychological sequelae of complex traumatic experiences may take many forms. A careful diagnostic process is essential to be able to formulate an appropriate treatment plan. This workshop focuses on the conceptualization and assessment of different manifestations of complex psychotrauma, including the dissociative subtype of PTSD and complex PTSD, Prolonged Grief Disorder and moral injury. In an introduction, process steps involved in the realization of psychometrically sound assessment instruments will be covered. Then the different disorders as conceptualized in DSM-5(-TR) and ICD-11 will be explained and the relevant assessment instruments, including their psychometric properties and practical availability, will be discussed. Finally, the cross-cultural assessment of trauma, loss and grief is addressed. At the end participants have hands-on knowledge regarding the cultural-sensitive conceptualization and diagnostic assessment of different manifestations of complex psychotrauma. 


Manon Boeschoten

Jackie June Ter Heide

Lonneke Lenferink

Simone De la Rie

Simon Groen