Highly intensive trauma treatment formats: how to do it, challenges and solutions

Agnes Van Minnen, Mayaris Zepeda Méndez, Patricia Verdoorn-Strijk, Mirjam Mink-Nijdam




Assigned to session

0.10 Mies Bouwman, 28-09-2023, 15:15 - 16:30


Complex PTSD, comorbidities, grief
(Sub)clinical interventions or treatment (innovations)


Over the past years several programs have been developed in which highly intensive trauma treatment is offered. These programs commonly last one to two weeks and consist of at least twice daily trauma-focused treatment sessions and supportive therapeutic elements. Trauma-focused interventions may stem from different schools (e.g. EMDR and prolonged exposure) or be derived from one particular school (e.g. narrative exposure therapy (NET)). In terms of efficacy, several independent studies have shown the effects of these programs to be equal in size to those of once-weekly trauma treatments, and complex forms of PTSD are by no means contraindications for drawing benefit from these programs. This workshop features insights in how to carry out highly intensive programs, challenges and solutions by pioneers in this field. Mayaris Zepeda Méndez will focus on highly intensive EMDR, with exposure in vivo and trauma-sensitive yoga components. Patricia Verdoorn-Strijk will address highly intensive NET with supporting art therapy and trauma-sensitive yoga components. Agnes van Minnen will place emphasis on highly intensive prolonged exposure, the optimal order of therapeutic elements and combinations with exercise. Mirjam Mink-Nijdam will summarize and discuss the implications, with special attention for the translation to the work setting of the participants.


Agnes Van Minnen

Mayaris Zepeda Méndez

Patricia Verdoorn-Strijk

Mirjam Mink-Nijdam