Equitable authorship: working towards an inclusive approach to research publishing

Rina Ghafoerkhan, Moses Mukasa Bwesige, Dr. Mohammad Abo Hilal, David Nieuwe Weme




Assigned to session

1.04 Erik de Vries, 29-09-2023, 15:10 - 16:25


Refugee or war & conflict related traumatic stress
Crisis, disaster or pandemic related
Public health, prevention, early interventions


Intervention is a peer reviewed scientific journal for those working on mental health and psychosocial support in conflict affected areas and in the aftermath of natural disasters, and for those working with refugees from these regions. During this interactive session, a small panel will collaborate with the audience to explore how knowledge is constructed, and who gets the credit for it. Drawing on Intervention journal's extensive expertise in working with authors from low- to middle-income countries, we will discuss how power dynamics in international consortia influence scholarly publications. We aim to co-develop suggestions for working towards equitable authorship through discussions between the panel and the public on past examples, current challenges, and future possibilities.


Rina Ghafoerkhan

Moses Mukasa Bwesige

Mohammad Abo Hilal

David Nieuwe Weme