Art display 2 - three trauma professors





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0.05 Showroom, 29-09-2023, 13:30 - 14:45

Field of research

Trauma-related art

Overview of symposium

In addition to the works-of art displayed in Art@display there is the work of three trauma professors who have next to busy academic trauma careers simply enjoyed stimulating other creative parts of their mind whatever the result may be. Please find works of Emeritus prof dr Berthold Gersons, prof dr Nancy Kassam-Adams, and prof dr Miranda Olff at the conference.


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Jan-Wilke Reerds CEO of ARQ National Psychotrauma Center during COVID-19 lonely in his office..

prof. dr. Berthold Gersons



Portrait of Jan-Wilke Reerds CEO of ARQ National Psychotrauma Center during COVID-19 lonely in his office, making a video for his employees to encourage them during the pandemic.


Berthold Gersons

Symptom #64

PhD Nancy Kassam-Adams



This set of prints was inspired by a footnote in a research paper1. In a systematic review of qualitative studies,  there’s a table about how people around the world respond to trauma. The 64th most frequently mentioned response was “issues of the heart”. The footnote reads like a poem: “heartache/weak heart/spoiled heart/dead heart/sick heart/tired heart/wounded heart/broken heart/heart in trouble/unclear heart/disturbed heart/falling heart/hot heart”.


1 Michalopoulos et al. (2020) Global posttrauma symptoms: A systematic review of qualitative literature. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse 21(2):406-420.  



Nancy Kassam-Adams

Berthold Gersons - Tribute to wisdom

prof. dr. Miranda Olff



Portrait of Berthold Gersons, former senior scientific advisor of ARQ, and emeritus professor of psychiatry AMC, University of Amsterdam, hired me in 2001 at the AMC (AmsterdamUMC nowadays) and introduced me to the world of trauma. He is the godfather of trauma and traumatic stress research in the Netherlands, past president of the Dutch trauma society (NtVP) and the European one (ESTSS). He has a wide international network. In addition, he is a wonderful person, a dear friend, and a great artist. This is a tribute to all his wisdom.


Miranda Olff